Get Ready For The Coronation Weekend In Manchester

Posted on: 5 May 2023

Get Ready for the Coronation Weekend in Manchester

Love them or hate them, the Royal Family know how to party. And while we might not be invited to the official celebrations, we do have a weekend dedicated to the Coronation and a day off to mark this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. 


So, how will you celebrate? In this quick read, we give you some of our ideas. 


Check out your local area


Many local councils have planned ways to celebrate the Coronation weekend. So, it’s worth having a look online for special events. It may be a bit late in the day to organise a street party (you need permits and official permission), but that doesn’t mean you can’t attend one going on nearby. 


Plan a get-together 


It may or may not be picnic weather (we live in the UK, it’s very unpredictable), but the Coronation weekend and bank holiday is a great excuse to get your friends and family together for a catch-up. Get everyone to make a dish or bring drinks and have yourself a merry old time – we know King Charles and family will be. 


Tip: Make everyone wear paper crowns, not for any particular reason, it’ll just be a laugh. 


Eat like a royal 


What better day to indulge in (or endure) some coronation chicken? Get yourself some posh grub and enjoy the day. Organise a few sarnies and cakes and you’ve got yourself a high tea, or get out your crackers and have a bit of fancy cheese (the smellier, the better). As a national day of celebration, it’d be crazy not to treat yourself. 


Be a potato (a couch potato)


If you can’t face missing a single second of the royal action, then sit back on your sofa, make yourself a cuppa and watch all the goings-on. Whilst thousands of royal fans will be lining the streets of London to catch a glimpse of the new King, many others will tune in to watch the pomp and ceremony instead. 


The actual Coronation on Saturday 6 May will be televised live from Westminster Abbey. On Sunday 7 May, you can watch the Coronation Concert, which will be held at Windsor Castle and promises an array of stars.  


Ignore it


For those of you who have little or no interest in the Coronation, all you need to do is curl up and enjoy a lie-in on bank holiday Monday. Do your normal bank holiday bits (like dodgy DIY or gardening), turn on Netflix and enjoy some time out (but don’t watch The Crown, for obvious reasons). 


However you plan to celebrate (or not), we at Normie would love to know. What are your plans for this extra bank holiday? Comment below. 


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