Who Are The Real Winners?

Posted on: 15 October 2021

Who are the real winners?

It is awards seasons again and estate agents up and down the country will be proudly displaying their nominations for various awards. After such a busy and active year for the property market, it is fair to say that every agent will have had its moment to shine. 


So what do these awards actually mean for their customers? Are they of any value to the general public? Is an award, validation of an agent’s fantastic service or is it just an opportunity for the agent to brag?


Whatever the answer to those questions, it is clear that awards and reviews may give fleeting glimpses of excellence but just as dogs aren’t just for Christmas, good estate agency shouldn’t be just for post-lockdown euphoria or all about a stamp duty holiday. The best agents have a hard won reputation, built up over years. 


In this cynical day and age, a good reputation is harder to build than ever before. It takes time to build trust with the public and it takes more than just awards. It takes sustained and consistent action. Delivering a constant flow of great results and fantastic customer service takes years of fine tuning and dedication to your customer base. 


At Normie & Company we have always prided ourselves on continual improvement to our service which places our customers at the heart of whatever we do. We always seek to answer the question “How does this benefit the customer?”, together with, “How does this benefit our local communities?” in everything that we do. 


The only award that we seek, is your continued support and we are so proud to have welcomed so many of you back to us as returning customers over the years. Over our forty plus years of service the people of North Manchester, we have had the privilege of helping for several generations of the same families move. 


Still, it is extremely nice to have been nominated for awards in three categories at this year’s The Negotiator Awards and if we win anything at all, it will be down to you, our customers. After all, who’s number one? You are and we still haven’t forgotten that. 


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