Marketing Your Property

Maximum exposure and total coverage with digital, on and off-line marketing

Normie & Co’s state of the art website along with enhanced marketing packages on Rightmove, Zoopla, PrimeLocation, On the Market and many more property sites ensures maximum exposure for your property. In addition, we utilise targeted email and social media marketing and pride ourselves in maintaining a current buyer database to match buyers with properties.

Selling with Normie
Why you’ll love selling with us

Why you’ll love selling with us

We’ll be straight with our valuation

Your property is on the market in competition not in isolation!

We consider the pros and cons of your property against other similarly priced properties, (sold and unsold) and how well they are selling. We look at the maximum price your home could achieve if perfect, and the costs required to update it if not. We look at your competition and how that compares, we look through a buyer’s eyes and the research they do on all the properties they may view in your price range. We look at supply, demand, past sales and how the market is moving. And finally, we think about how the price will be best represented on the property portals,,, and a myriad of other sites. Having taken all this into account, using our more than 35 years’ experience, we discuss with you our recommended selling price to achieve its true market value – and you ALWAYS have the final say.

Our job is to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. It’s so easy for a poor agent to overvalue to win business but this will end up with less interest the property will go stale the price drops and you end up with a lower selling price compared to if it came to market at the right price.

Having taken all this into account, using our more than 25 years’ experience, we discuss with you our recommended selling price to achieve its true market value – and you ALWAYS have the final say.

To us, valuing a property is a science not ‘guesswork and add a bit’!

Some unscrupulous agents try to win an instruction with a realistically high valuation.

We want to achieve the highest possible selling price, but over-cooking the initial asking price all-too-often ends in disappointment.

You see, the property will inevitably stay too long on the market, looking ‘stale’ forcing the seller to eventually drop the asking price. To potential buyers, this can look like desperation and even cause the final price to be driven below its actual market value.

If you'd like a realistic valuation on your property, let us know as we'd be happy to help.

Value My Home

It’s all about the service and results

It’s all about the service and results

Every viewing, expertly accompanied

When some agents send ill-informed juniors to ‘accompany’ viewings, we’ll only send an experienced professional to show buyers around your property. It is through the calibre of our viewings we can ensure constructive feedback which can be so important.

Frank feedback

When gathering feedback from potential buyers some agents will be happy with the answer of “it’s not for us”. We, on the other hand, try and ensure that insightful and detailed information is received and any questions and concerns that a viewer may have can be answered.

Regular, prompt contact

Once you instruct us, we’ll be in regular contact with you, and we aim to give you constructive feedback within 24 hours of every viewing.

Evenings and weekends – no problem

Of course, some buyers can’t view properties during standard working hours and need to arrange weekend viewings. That’s why we’re happy to say we can accommodate viewings on Saturdays, Sundays and in the evening, giving people the flexibility, they need to make the right decisions.

It doesn’t stop at the offer

In fact, this is where an agent can really add value and certainly sets us apart. Once you accept an offer we not only help liaise with your Solicitor, we take on the tough job of chasing and cajoling any buyers, sellers, solicitors, mortgage brokers as necessary to make sure your property sale completes – and on time. Until that point arrives, we will continually update you, so you know things are in-hand.

We’ll go at your pace

We know that some people want to take things slowly, others are keen to get a move on. Whatever you want it’s fine by us and we’ll never rush you more than you’re comfortable with.

Off Market Sales

Off Market Sales

Confidential Selling

Some clients prefer to market their property discreetly to a select group of known buyers, rather than have their property appear all over the internet.

It requires a particular skill to effectively market a property in a subtle and unobtrusive way. Normie & Co. is well placed to provide this low-key service as we specialise in selling properties of unique character and distinction throughout our area.

Obviously, all our sellers and buyer’s information is held in strict confidence but some sellers prefer to keep their own business to themselves.

A seller may wish to dip their toe in and tempt a buyer without going the whole mile and having widespread marketing. For some seller’s security is paramount and do not want details of their property advertised.

Whatever the reason we successfully sell homes this way via our database of carefully vetted buyers looking to buy in this area.

Clients who use this service include:

  • Local business or public people
  • Sellers who don’t want the neighbours to know
  • People who for whatever reason value their privacy
Not all our properties...

Not all our properties are openly advertised on our website or the major property portals – If you are looking please confidentially register with us for our ‘off-market’ properties. If you are contemplating selling and require the utmost in discretion with not even your neighbours being aware, please contact us for further details. If you are a public figure and require total anonymity, we are able to arrange for prospective viewers to sign an appropriate, binding “non-disclosure agreement”.

Over the years, we have accumulated a large database of select buyers who maintain a constant watch on the market, and we can market your property discreetly to these people.

For a confidential market appraisal and to find out how Normie & Co can make a difference in the sale of your home call David Mintz on 0161 773 7715.